Dr. Ellen Ines Millard

Dr. Ellen Ines Millard is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor. Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Vail, Colorado, Ellen has always been fascinated by the correlation of lifestyle choices and the overall vitality and health of individuals. She grew up next door to her two active, grandparents who continuously inspired her to better understand what it takes to maximize longevity and thrive at any age. Spending numerous hour outside each day, she witnessed the healing power of nature and how it can bring us back to our optimal sense of self.

During her time at the internationally-acclaimed naturopathy program at Bastyr University, she actively pursued hours precepting with advanced oncologists, toxicologists, GI specialists, and herbalists. During her 4th year, she completed a 9 month internship at a water fasting clinic, True North Health Center, in northern California where she witnessed chronic disease reversal in only a few weeks of healthy food, water, and juices. She also spent time advance preceptoring under Dr. Holder and Dr. Riegle, two environmental medicine specialists who opened her eyes to how toxicity plays a role as a major leading factor in how disease can manifest and how important it is to detox regularly.

More about Dr. Millard:

During her graduate time in Boston, she better understood the injustice of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices leading to the chronic diseases over time, such as heart disease and diabetes. Over 50% of Americans have a chronic disease and almost all of these illnesses are preventable if the education is available and the lifestyle choices are followed. As a result, Ellen became president of a Food Injustice group that grew and donated thousands of pounds of crops each year to food deserts around Boston. They also put on cooking demonstrations and garden tutorials to maximize healthy food access to all. Knowing she wanted to advocate for food justice as some type of physician, she was determined to become a naturopathic doctor after she studied abroad in Ecuador and spent 3 months learning from an herbal indigenous healer. She completed her thesis on Conventional Western Medicine versus Alternative Plant Medicine, comparing the diagnostic, treatment, and recovery methods of both types of medical approaches. She quickly learned that she could blend the pros of both medicines to optimize healing for her future patients.

In her free time, you can find Ellen doing any type of outdoor activity from mountain biking, skiing, horseback riding, paddle boarding, etc. She values her time with her family and community organizing events around ceremony, food justice, and healthy living.

“Your illness is a message. Your symptoms provide clear instructions for the care that your body needs to heal. You are self-healing ”

Charley Cropley, N.D.

Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.